Palmistry? Tarot? Graphology? Belly-button readings?! Why are there fifty different choices and how are you supposed to know which one is right for you?

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“The memory pegs, story methods and mnemonics in your course guarantee that I'll be able to rapidly learn and remember how this system works…it's a brilliant resource for anyone wishing to learn the Lo Shu system.” - Al Thomas

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Attention Magicians, Mentalists, and other Mystery Performers: Imagine the looks on their faces when you give them a reading that hits home!

Add Amazing Readings to Your Performances

(or do as a Stand-Alone) Without Taking Weeks of Your Life to Figure Out How!

If you want to give readings but don’t know which system to use…

...if you picked a system but got overwhelmed with how much there was to learn…

...if you're about to give up in frustration because there’s no way you’ll get good enough to give a powerful reading…

Then this is exactly where you need to be today!

It's Time To Take Action, Because

Readings Are A Secret Weapon!

You’ve heard how using readings in your act can make for a more powerful performance (and if you're doing paid shows, even be used as an add-on to increase your value) — in fact, maybe you’ve seen it in action… either as part of a routine or as a stand-alone where the performer tells the spectator things about them nobody could possibly know. And it blows people away!

You realize readings could add a new dimension to your act, if only you could figure out how to do it without spending so much time.

What most people do when deciding to learn a reading system is buy a bunch of books, hunker down, and start studying.

  • And more studying.
  • And going down rabbit trails.
  • And hitting dead ends.
  • And wondering if maybe you chose the wrong system because you just heard something else is better/easier/faster… (been there, done that).

Which means that for most people, none of it works.

It’s just an endless cycle of wasted time.

So you push it to the back burner and figure you’ll get to it someday…

But two things are going to happen.

1. You won’t be making the impact with your performance that you know you could.

2. And even worse, you won’t have gained a new skill that can be used in a performance, and out. Yes, in the real world.

Oh, wait, there’s a third thing…

3. Some day you’re going to see your competition doing readings and you’ll be so pissed…

You Might Ignore It, But Your Competition Won’t!

If you push it off too many times it’s just not going to happen. Your dream of entertaining (and amazing!) people with readings that deeply touch them will fade away.

I’ve been there. At that exact spot.

I’ve seen famous guys like Luke Jermay do mentalism laced with readings and it just kills, and even my not-as-famous-as-Jermay (for now!) friend Patrick gave me a reading that was so smooth and solid that I knew I needed to just do it!

So I poked at different types of readings for MONTHS but it always seemed like such a slog just to get to the good stuff — which is giving a reading to someone!

I switched from one type of reading to another, thinking that surely this new one was the one that I’d knuckle down and learn.

Psychological Profile System... Nope.

Drawing Trees Readings... Nope.



You get the picture. My own endless loop of going nowhere fast.

And then it happened, almost by accident.

I thought I knew about numerology, but then I discovered what’s known as Lo Shu numerology, and it had a few things going for it that perked me up immediately…

  • It’s new to almost everyone I showed, so there’s a novelty factor built in.
  • It uses numbers in a grid where you draw arrows and dotted lines over certain patterns, so there’s a built-in “hmm, interesting…” aspect to the readings.
  • Best of all, there are only a few things to memorize so you're not endlessly studying. As an example, when it comes to numbers Lo Shu only deals with the single digits 1-9!

An example of a full Lo Shu reading. You'll also find out how to do a mini-reading and can even use the same techniques as part of a magic or mentalism routine.

I Jumped In And Finally Found Success!

I went from just wishing I could do readings, to being ready, willing, and able to do them at the drop of a hat! I’ve used pieces of readings in mentalism routines to add some “texture and depth” to an effect and I’ve done more stand-alone readings than I can remember.

And if I need an “ice breaker” at a party or when meeting someone new, I’m ready for that and people are thrilled to get a reading.

At the beginning most people may think it's "just a novelty," but by the time you’re done they’ve been given a gift that they’ll thank you for and talk about to all their friends.

I Know You Can Enjoy Success With This, Too!

I learned to give readings using a book from Julian Moore and I always recommend it -- but I'm also known for creating tutorial videos that break down big subjects into bite-sized pieces.

So I contacted Julian and asked if I could create a video version of his book and he said yes!

And that's what I'm offering you today -- what I consider to be the absolute best way to get into readings. A full video course based on the techniques of Julian Moore.

While much of the information is the same in both, with the video course you'll actually see the process step-by-step. Many people learn more quickly by watching, so even if you have the book you'll find value in this video course. It may be exactly what you need to get you over the hump!

The kind of comments you will get after giving someone a reading...

The reading was spot on — I dive into things and am always promoting truths others don’t see. It was a great reading - very, very interesting how this all works. Thanks again!


First off, being as honest as I am, I want to be clear that I don't know much at all about numerology, and wasn't sure what to expect. Would it be like a horoscope, in that it would be a generic "one size fits all" type of reading, or would it be more like tarot/cartomancy?

Well, it was like none of the above. And it was VERY accurate.

I could have listened to Jay go on for another hour, easy.

Everything was thought provoking, and very entertaining as well. I really enjoyed myself and am glad I tried this out. I think it's given me some things to think about.


The Step by Step System.

When you get the Readings Made Easy video course today, you’ll be on the path to give readings -- whether as a fun and fascinating skill you roll out in social situations, or even as part of a paid performance.

And here are the three biggest advantages to getting this course…

  • Stop studying for weeks or months on those other systems that are just too freaking complicated.
  • If you’re already a mystery performer you’ll be ready to add readings into routines to elevate them from great effects to awesome effects.
  • Best of all, you’ll give impressive readings that will inspire people and have them talking for a long time.

It all comes as part of the course that’s online and ready for you to dive into today. Readings Made Easy is available right now for just $47 and consists of 20+ video lessons that include:

  • Videos that walk you step-by-step through the entire system...
  • ...and that are professionally edited to give you the meat without wasting your time.
  • Quizzes to make sure you understand everything you need.
  • Sample readings so you can see what happens in the real world.
  • Downloads including tick sheets and other tools to help make your readings more fun and professional looking.

And you are 100% safe to try this out. Just try it for 30 days to see if it works for you. If it does, you’ll be delighted — and I predict that’s exactly what’s about to happen. But if for some reason you’re not delighted with knowing everything needed to give fun and amazing readings, then just let me know — I'll either fix the problem you have or give your money back.

What you’ll find in this course…

  • How to give a reading anytime, anywhere — no special props or equipment is needed.
  • Sample phrases for readings included that will help spark your creativity (or, just use them as-is). No more wondering what you can say for each number!
  • More than 20 videos that show you the steps you need in order to give great readings (those videos are zero fluff and filler).
  • How to give quick mini-readings using just a birthdate…
  • ...or go all the way with a 4-phase reading that goes in depth.
  • The easiest/fastest way to learn the meanings of the numbers patterns in the grid so you’ll spend less time memorizing and more time giving readings!

But Wait, There's More!

(Bonus Time)

I’ve always wanted to say that, and in this case it’s not hype. In order to give you a reason to jump in now and start giving readings, I’m going to throw in the Lo Shu Utility Pack that normally sells for $20.

But you get it free!

It includes download and print tools that will help make your readings more fun and professional.

Paper Tick Sheets — Both large and small tick sheets you can download and print. After you give a reading, send it home with them as a souvenir (which includes your contact info). The small tick sheet is especially cool because it’s the size of a business card but unfolds accordion style giving you enough space for a full reading.

E-Sign/Billboard for Tablet/Phone — While I'm not completely a wallflower, I'm also not the kind of person who finds it easy to strike up a conversation with the goal of asking someone if they want a reading. Knowing that about myself I created an animated "billboard" for my iPad that I can set at the end of my table while out at a coffee shop or similar place, and passively "troll" for readings. Even if you're not shy about asking people if they'd like a reading, this sign can add a bit of professionalism to your setup.

Numerology Flash Cards — After putting numerology aside for a while I went back to it and needed a way to freshen my memory. While making some flashcards I had an idea — why not use the same cards during a reading to give it some variety? After drawing the arrows on a grid you can then lay out the matching cards as you explain how that meaning applies to the person. It gives a sense of ceremony that goes above just writing on a piece of paper. This not only adds some visual depth to the reading, but it acts as a crib sheet right out in the open.

There's also a Digital Tick Sheet that you can put in your smartphone or tablet to use for readings and you know you've always got at least one of those on you!

Plus, the Lo Shu Utility Pack comes with a complete set of tutorial videos so you'll start using these cool tools right away!

You are in good company

From newbie to experienced, there's something for you in this video course:

I thought it would take forever to learn numerology, but Jay breaks the subject down into bite-sized pieces, shortening the learning process. I can’t believe how much I learned and how much my skill and confidence in giving numerology readings grew in such a short time.

Bethany S.

I've been giving numerology readings for years but still found value in Jay's course. He shares some unique techniques, like how to use zeros in the reading. I've always done the mini reading but seeing the full reading in action has inspired me to do more of those. The checklists, tick sheets, and e-signs / billboards are all top-notch and I will be using them for sure.

Travis H.

Special Bonus!

I'm proud to announce the video course now includes a downloadable copy of Julian Moore's Speed Learning Numerology -- the very book that got me started giving Lo Shu readings!

The price of the book is $9.49 but you get it free with the video course. Now you have the best of both worlds -- the online videos to get you started fast, and then the downloadable PDF ebook that will be a handy quick reference guide.

Look Forward A Year From Now...

Here’s something you and I both know — a year from now will come along, and when it does, will you still be where you are now, and wishing you had jumped in with both feet? Or will you be known as someone who gives fun and fascinating readings?

You get to decide whether you’re going to produce the same results as in the past, or different results. You get to choose where you arrive.

The course is ready for you now!

One Time Payment


  • Instant access to 20+ online videos.
  • Step-by-step instructions showing you how to give readings.
  • A proven framework to help you learn everything fast.
  • Access to the Lo Shu Utility Pack giving you ready-to-go tick sheets to print out, plus more tools for your readings.

PS - Lots of people skip right down to the bottom of a sales page to see the price, so let me take a couple seconds to fill you in on what you missed -- this video course will show you a proven method to get started giving readings. Fast. Readings that will amaze folks and really give them something to talk about. Click the button above to get started now. - Jay

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